New projects in England

We are developing 12 projects in the UK. The construction will be completed in spring 2021.

New projects in England
New projects in England

We have achieved another great success in the United Kingdom. Currently, we are developing 12 new projects which were all permitted and obtained pre-accreditation by the end of March 2019. The total installed output of these projects is almost 5 000 kW. Most of the schemes are located near Manchester, some also in Wales.

For example, we have found an exciting opportunity to use the hydro potential of the Manchester Ship Canal, a 58 km inland waterway in the North West of England linking Manchester to the Irish Sea and built to allow commercial shipping to reach this important city. On this canal we first restored Barton Locks, a small hydro power plant installed in 1994 with an output of 720 kW. The refurbishment included turbine overhaul and replacement of the electrical control systems. The output now meets our expectations and is better than the plant achieved when it was new.

The use of canal locks built in earlier centuries repurposes these structures and enables efficient energy capture with minimal impact on the environment.  Building on our success at Barton Locks we have obtained Planning and Environmental Permits for five more projects on the Manchester Ship Canal (Eastham Locks, Howley Weir, Woolston Weir, Irlam Locks and Mode Wheel Locks). The total capacity of these plants is more than 2 000 kW and construction is scheduled to be finished by spring 2021.

Operation data

Installed capacity (kW)4 853
Head (m)2 - 5