Romania - complete refurbishment of the SHPP technology. This SHPP was built in 1904.


Project review

This SHPP is part of hydroenergetic cascade system in county Caras Severin near city Reşita in Western Romania.

Owner and investor of this project is CEZ Group which gained this cascade system by acquisition 100% share of company TMK Hydroenergy Power SRL.

HYDROPOL provided complete refurbishment of the SHPP technology - installation of new turbines (2 Francis turbines), generators, governors and auxiliary equipment. Complete renewal of HV and LV electrical part. Civil works were in scope needed for new technology installation.

Provided services

As the general contractor, HYDROPOL was responsible for preparation of study, project design & engineering services and complete EPC delivery of the SHPP cascade modernization.

Main data

Built (year):1904
Output (kw):8420
Head (m):210
Capacity (m3/s)4.5
Completation (year):2011 - 2013
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