Czech Republic - reconstruction of the original plant from 1941.


Project review

Reconstruction of the Kninicky power plant was carried out between March 2009 and June 2010. Its main target was to increase efficiency of the generator (in all operational modes), particularly at lower heads.

Other parts of the project included complete automation of the plant, remote control system, and optimalization of the operation in order to maximize the annual production and revenue.

Modernization of the plant enabled output increase up to 3.2 MW and flow increase up to 21 m3/s.

Provided services

HYDROPOL provided construction, permitting of the project and was a general contractor.

Modernization included replacement of the turbine, generator rewinding (including magnetic circuit), complex automation, replacement of the high voltage switching station, installation of the new trash rack cleaning machine and ball closing valve.

Main data

Country:Czech Republic
Built (year):1941
Output (kW):3 060
Head (m):20
Capacity (m3/s)18
Completion (year):2010
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  • Kninicky
  • Kninicky
  • 5. installation of the cleaning machine