About us

About us

HYDROPOL Group specializes in the construction, operation and refurbishment of small and medium hydro power plants.

Introducing HYDROPOL

HYDROPOL Group has been a reliable partner for international hydropower development for almost three decades. We plan, build, operate and finance small and medium hydropower plants and associated hydraulic structures such as dams, weirs and penstocks.

The current renewable energy market has enormous potential. HYDROPOL Group enables clients to make professional, effective use of these opportunities, without unnecessary risks.

We've gathered valuable experience from the successful implementation of dozens of schemes, effectively combining their technical potential with responsible commercial management.

HYDROPOL is also actively seeking hydro projects, worldwide, at any stage of development or older ventures in need of refurbishment or complete overhaul, to purchase, either outright or in partnership.

Our Background

HYDROPOL Project & Management was established in 1996 and from the very outset has focused on all areas of hydropower development:

Greenfield projects as well as rehabilitation, engineering and financial structuring from the initial idea to construction and asset management.

We have seen great renewable energy development in recent years and have actively participated and influenced this market, bringing our clients notable return on their investments.

We have extensive experience in the reconstruction of hydro power plants worldwide and have delivered dozens of turnkey projects in Italy, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic and beyond.

Hydropol is associated with the renfin Group, an investment holding company based in Prague, Czech Republic. Renfin focuses on acquisition, development and investment of small and medium sized hydro power plants, worldwide.

Hydropol and renfin group