Turnkey Delivery

Turnkey Delivery

We provide designs, plans, execution and operation for all types of hydroelectric schemes.

Handing over the construction of a hydroelectric power station to HYDROPOL is a value enhancing move with minimal risk. Using a single turnkey power plant supplier is invariably the best solution. The preparation and execution of the project is carried out without unnecessary intermediaries that may complicate implementation. The project is initiated quickly and under advantageous financial conditions, all of which provide the investor with increased value and security.

HYDROPOL designs, plans, executes and operates on a turnkey basis all types of hydroelectric schemes, from 500 kW mini-plants to 50 MW stations. We cover low head plants (from 1.8 metres), run-off river schemes, derivation medium head plants, high head mountain plants, special portable water supply schemes and installations and cooling water applications.

All our hydropower plants are "tailor made" to guarantee value and efficiency. And all our work is in compliance with technical norms and jurisdictions.

We provide individual turbines and other components, allied with extensive practical experience to cover all relevant areas - design, construction and operation - Allowing the fast and effective delivery of power plants that ensure uniform quality and the internal functionality of the entire project.

HYDROPOL always strives to match individual requirements across all fields of construction, materials, efficiency, durability, environmental restrictions and positioning etc. The equipment is outsourced and purpose built then packaged along with our relevant technical, quality and commercial guarantees.

Our capacity covers turnkey delivery of the following projects:

  • new hydropower plants: all heads and flows
  • rehabilitation/upgrading/uprating
  • cooling/potable water systems power utilization
  • runner/turbine replacements
  • automation/surveillance systems
  • waterproofing/clearance works
  • dams/reservoirs
  • weirs/river regulation