Czech Republic - reconstruction of the original plant from 1915.


Project review

Krhanice represents the bottom edge of HYDROPOL’s typical projects. The plant was one of the first installations to deliver electricity into the Sazava River valley, Czech Republic.

The plant was obsolete and showed major outages frequently. The condition of the plant’s core technology was not so bad therefore instead of a complete replacement, well done rehabilitation was sufficient.

The scope of works covered turbine runners and auxiliary equipment replacement, generator rehabilitation, new substation, protection and control systems. The hydro-mechanical equipment was completely replaced.

Provided services

HYDROPOL developed various scenarios of the plant’s rehabilitation, their economical evaluation, provided full design, legal framework and permitting, contracting, project and quality management.

Main data

Country:Czech Republic
Built (year):1915
Output (kW):2 × 400
Head (m):6
Capacity (m3/s)2 × 7
Completion (year):1999