Mara Runcu

Romania - SHPP in development.

Mara Runcu
Mara Runcu

Project review

This project is located in north-west Romania on the Mara River in the Maramures County, exploiting Mara River which is one of the rivers of the Tisa-Mures basin. Mara River is characteristic by stable hydrologic and optimal topographic conditions suitable for realization of hydro projects.

This is new SHPP of derivation type and consists of three main parts: intake, penstock and powerhouse. The intake includes weir, fishpass, sandtrap and proper technologic equipment. The penstock diameter is 1.4 m and length is 2.1 km.

The powerhouse includes two turbine units with hydraulic aggregate and auxiliary equipment, main penstock valve and electric equipment. The Mara Runcu project is a run-of-river high head SHPP equipped with two Francis turbines with 2 800 kW installed output. This SHPP is designed as fully automated and remote-operated with the lifetime of 25 years without any major refurbishment.

The overall lifetime commonly reach up to 80 years considering professional operation and necessary mechanical parts renovation.

The investor of the project is company Gamma Energia Renovable S.r.l. The completion and operation start will be confirmed shortly.

Provided services

As a general contrator HYDROPOL provides the site complex development, preparation of relevant studies, permitting, project design & engineering services and complete EPC delivery.

Main data

Built (year):new

Output (kW):

2 800
Head (m):36
Capacity (m3/s)3.8
  • Mara Runcu
  • Mara Runcu