Opongoy I + II

Colombia - development of a portfolio of HPPs with a total installed capacity over 36 500 kW.

Opongoy I + II
Opongoy I + II

HYDROPOL in Colombia

Colombia has the third largest installed hydropower capacity in South America, at 11 726 MW. The sector makes up 70% of national installed energy capacity and produces about 86% of national electricity generation.

We started in this country with 3 projects and have ambitions to develop, build and operate small hydro power plants with a total installed capacity of 36 500 kW. Currently, we have also 5 additional projects under investigation in this country.

Projects review

The realisation of 2 projects – Opongoy I and II in Narino Region has begun. Main part of the development is expected to be finished at the end of 2019.

Project in development

N. of projects3
Installed capacity (kW):36 500
Annual generation (MWh)200 000