Czech Republic - reconstruction of the original HPP from 1928 with complete technology replacement.


Project review

The Spalov HPP modernization was a break-through project which outlined the way for major rehabilitations of small hydropower plants in the Czech Republic.

For the first time, it applied the project/construction management approach instead of the turnkey supply.

The scope of rehabilitation represented complete technology replacement: original Francis turbines were replaced by new Kaplan turbines, hydro-mechanical and electric installations, including new substations/automation were also replaced. Major part of construction works was performed on 2 km long headrace, plant itself, and outlet.

The plant output has been significantly increased by 25% while a new remote control was implemented, thus allowing extensive operation savings.

Provided services

HYDROPOL carried out the following services: studies/design, contracting, project management, and commissioning.

Main data

Country:Czech Republic
Built (year):1928
Output (kW):2 × 1 300
Head (m):26
Capacity (m3/s)2 × 6
Completion (year):1999