HYDROPOL specializes in the complex planning and execution of investments across the hydroelectric sector.

The development of any project includes its financing and marketing. We cover the entire process from land acquisition through permitting to the financing. Our success depends on our in house and other cooperators, their large know-how is the core of our operation.

We also participate in complex BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) and Public-Private-Partnership projects based on concessions and licences.

We specialise in the complex planning and execution of investments in the hydroelectric sector, covering the entire investment process. 

Our competitive advantage is our practical experience not only with planning, but also with the construction, operation and asset management of hydroelectric plants.

Hydropol is associated with the renfin Group, an investment holding company based in Prague, Czech Republic. Renfin focuses on acquisition, development and investment of small and medium sized hydro power plants, worldwide.

Hydropol and renfin group