Feasibility Studies & Research

Feasibility Studies & Research

We provide the most up to date research, analyses and planning methods for small and medium hydro power plants at reasonable prices.

For any hydropower project it is essential to gather accurate, in depth data at the corresponding level to any investment decision.

An often-repeated mistake is beginning the development process based on weak data due to the assumption high quality data comes at too high a cost only to later realize successful development relies heavily on the quality of information. This usually causes extensive delays and increased costs.

Due to the high capital outlay involved in most hydropower projects and their debt financing, it is crucial to gather accurate data which can be correctly evaluated from the beginning.

The HYDROPOL Group enables its clients to use the most up-to-date research, analyses and planning methods for small hydro at a reasonable cost.

This is possible thanks to many years of experience in hydropower research and planning along with effective and efficient internal management systems and advanced software tools.

Below are just a few examples of services we provide to our clients:

  • certified geodesic survey, mapping and digitizing
  • geological survey / foundation analyses and design
  • hydraulic calculations of water hammer phenomena (AFT Impulse 4.0)
  • hydraulic calculations of permanent non-uniform flow 1D and 2D (HEC-RAS, AQUAVEO SIYS)
  • finite method element static calculations (SCIA Engineer)
  • design and dimensioning of steel structures (solid works)
  • hydraulic structures capacity expansion
  • CFD analyses of water schemes and turbine design
  • 3D projections and modelling
  • capacity and generation calculations
  • financial forecasts and modelling