Project Management & Consulting

Project Management & Consulting

HYDROPOL manages the entire project and all its stages. The investor benefits from an effective, reliable single point management team to cover the entire project.

The current renewable energy market presents huge opportunities for development, but in a highly competitive environment. For this reason only projects that pay close attention to the smallest details will be successful. A combination of superior technology, solid project management and excellent implementation is necessary.

HYDROPOL manages the entire project from the very beginning to end: Planning, the permission process, tenders, on-site coordination, quality and quantity inspection, relations with other stakeholders and final commissioning.

We offer a wide spectrum of con­sultancy services. The collection and comprehensive analysis of accurate, relevant data. Provision of the nec­essary information for the development and imple­mentation. Giving our clients a continuous overview of the process so at any stage they can make the best decisions and accurately forecast returns on their investments.

HYDROPOL's consultancy services cover all stages connected with the design, construction and operation of hydroelectric power stations: water management, legal consultancy, machine analysis, operation processes, risk assessment and electricity trading to guar­antee the best possible yields on investments.

Consultancy services

  • operation and maintenance analysis
  • water management
  • risk assessment and insurance
  • electricity trading
  • legal advisory
  • cost management and financing