24/7 Monitoring & Operation

24/7 Monitoring & Operation

We utilize our 24/7 operational control centre located in Prague, Czech Republic, to provide continuous, remote plant monitoring.

Any significant variation in monitored data, especially net head and power loss, initiates diagnostics into likely causes, e.g. intake blockage, penstock fouling, turbine or generator non-performance, generator performance etc.

We provide instant response to all observed faults.

First Line Response

  • remote and on-site investigation of fault sources
  • remote and on-site removal of faults incl. temporary provisions for putting into operation
  • resetting controls after outage caused by lightning strikes etc.

Second Line Response (for persistent faults)

  • site visits to carry out further diagnostics and appropriate repairs

We can also provide monthly plant performance reports

  • hydro scheme performance data
  • summary of performed scheduled inspections, revisions, maintenance & repairs
  • summary of reactive measures and maintenance