We deliver following equipment.

Archimedes screws
Cost-effective and environmentally beneficial turbines suitable for low head and high flow river courses, 50 kW - 250 kW, discharge up to 10 m3/s, net head 1 - 7 m, various constructions (steel through for casting, compact, totally enclosed etc.), with gearbox, regulated by inlet gate or frequency converter.

Kaplan turbines
200 kW - 10 MW, discharge 2 - 60 m3/s, net head 2 - 40 m, various types (spiral, semi-spiral, flume intake, S type, block type with integrated gearbox, bulb, pit, vertical, horizontal).

Francis turbines
500 kW - 20 MW, discharge 0.5 - 30 m3/s, net head 10 - 250 m, various types (spiral, semi-spiral, bellow shaft intake, above shaft intake vertical, horizontal, runner overhung on generator shaft).

Pelton turbines
300 kW - 20 MW, discharge 0.2 - 15 m3/s, net head 100 - 600 m, various types (single jet or multi jet, vertical, horizontal, runner overhung on generator shaft), runners forged or cast, runners with bolted buckets.

Hydraulic units of turbine governors for all turbine types
Control oil pressures 15 - 25 MPa, volume of bladder accumulator set 20 - 400 dm3, hydraulic units usually control brakes, main inlet valves, bypasses etc.

Cooling and lubricating systems of turbine
Generator units with air or water cooling, coarse and fine filters of cooling water, cooling water pumps, fittings, heat exchangers water/oil and water/air, oil tanks and fittings, oil gear pumps and oil filters, fans, oil and water piping including instrumentation.

Flat belt transmissions
Full range application up to 800 kW.

Mechanical gearboxes
Various types (spur gearing single-stage or multistage, angle gearing, planetary-gear-type).